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 A Day with Data: 

 The Future of S2P 


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The future of S2P is here, and it's got data right at its side. Our systems are becoming more automated and integrated technology is basically second nature. 

These two trends boil down to the production of one very important thing--data.
In this whitepaper, discover how data affects every step of the S2P process, from sourcing professionals all the way to accounts payable, and every step between. 
This is what the future of source to pay looks like, from 2019 and beyond. Get your copy today!


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Data Decreases Costs

78% of procurement leaders agree that advanced analytics have assisted in their cost reduction goals.

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Data Produces Insights

More than 80% of global world-class companies are already able to view “significant information available companywide.”

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Data Increases Visibility

65% of procurement leaders claim that beyond tier 1 suppliers, they have “limited or no visibility.” 


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