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In a worst case scenario, an organization might need to operate with 10 to 15 different ERPs.

Integrating these different systems and processes can be a real challenge, frequently resulting in never-ending and hugely expensive IT projects.

It's only natural that integration capabilities become one of the key questions when an organization is looking to implement new technologies. This whitepaper compares the benefits of the Basware anyERP to other commercial Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) tools and walks you through different functional integration scenarios with Basware solutions and the leading ERP systems. 

It will also cover pain points, such as:

  • Project Bottlenecks: The bottleneck in automating business processes resides in integration with the surrounding IT landscape. As a result, projects are often overdue or never finished at all.
  • Lack of Interoperability: A lack of interoperability generally leads to significant inefficiencies with different systems being out of sync, which makes the automation of even straightforward processes impossible.
  • Simplifying Operations: Finding integrations that can allow a single solution to handle multiple interfaces with key business systems. 

Easy and seamless system integration has always been part of Basware’s strategy and differentiation. The Basware anyERP is designed to help organizations eliminate these very problems. 


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