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Explore how recent innovations in technology can revolutionize your P2P operations

Basware’s new webinar series reviews recent innovations and intelligent tools that enables you to strengthen and optimize your purchase to pay (P2P) operations. From smart algorithms and robotic process automation (RPA) to advanced P2P possibilities, each webinar will delve into how you can simplify your complex workflow.

In this series, Basware specialists and external industry analysts share professional insights, experiences, and best practices for integrating and using these innovative technologies.



Finance and procurement – a fine romance or the best of enemies?

Finance and procurement – a fine romance or the best of enemies?

How to Leverage Automation to Build a Bridge between Both?

Despite both finance and procurement departments being closely linked, there is often tension between the two departments due to different perspectives on how to reach better spend control and visibility. But it doesn’t have to be that way. In this webinar, Basware specialists will discuss the potential conflicts of end-to end purchase-to-pay (P2P) solutions and how your organization can take steps towards maximizing process efficiency through automation and the alignment of your procurement and finance departments.

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AP Automation Webinar

AP Automation: Mitigating Risk in Turbulent Times.

In our world of constant change, it’s impossible for your Accounts Payable department to plan for every possibility. But, there are steps your organization can take to ensure that your operations continue amidst factors outside your control, such as: economic instability, mergers & acquisitions, resource shortages, epidemics, etc. This group webinar dives into the ways that creating structure processes in Accounts Payable creates stability, reduces risk and ensures business continuity throughout the entire P2P process.

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Forrester Webinar: Raising the bar in eProcurement

What defines a superior eProcurement platform? And what should you be looking for to stay ahead of the competition? Sami Peltonen, Vice President of Purchase-to-Pay Product Management at Basware and guest speaker, Vice President and Principal Analyst Duncan Jones at Forrester, address exactly that in our webinar. Download the on-demand webinar to find out how eProcurement aids the empowerment of your workforce via reliable data, how specialist solutions are superior to mega suites and much more! Get all the details about these surprising and innovating changes across the vendor landscape today.

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International trade and compliance - what's new in 2020?

Companies with global operations must comply with new and changing trade agreements and regulations. This ensures ethical practices in international trade around the world. In this webinar we will discuss the changing landscape of international trade and compliance. How does current events like President Trump and Brexit affect international trade going forward? The webinar will also cover

- New regulations and country specific standards to keep an eye out for

- How to use business networks for international trade

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