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Nordic Leaders Circle 2021


Nordic Leaders Circle 2021

A Cross-Regional, Cross-Industry Virtual Roundtable Discussions



As technology revolutionises the industry, it's crucial to leverage the innovations and AI-powered solutions. Agile procurement needs technology, but it's not all machine made - there is a great need for the collaboration of people as well. Creating ecosystem partnerships and having a strong CFO and CPO relationship will power your resilience now and for the future. 

The pandemic showed us that procurement functions take a bigger role in companies. There is a broader and deeper set of strategic responsibilities for procurement functions than ever before. In order to endure and thrive in this new ever changing world, companies have to be able to make quick changes and decisions in a moment's notice.

There are challenges ahead for every procurement leader in order to lead their company into making better and faster decisions in purchasing in this ever transforming environment. 



Nordics Leader Circle 16.3.2021

First Nordic Leaders Circle of the year was held on 16.3. Financial leaders from all Nordic countries discussed CFOs now being strategic business leaders, remote teams, tools, more nimble structures, and experiences and thinking beyond a crisis.

The panelists are Thomas Johansen, CFO, Netcompany, Denmark, Fredrik Sträng, Finance Director, E.ON, Sweden, Ida Rød Fredriksen, CFO, Olav Thon Gruppen, Norway, Karl Orrling, Finance Director, Alfa Laval, Sweden, Juha Kauppinen, CFO & COO, Sanoma Media, Finland and Tiia Ranta, CFO, Lantmännen Cerealia, Sweden.

Basware’s Maarten Laukens and tv host & journalist Peter Nyman moderate the panel discussion.

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Nordics Leader Circle 16.3.2021

Nordic Leaders Circle 14.9.2021

On 14.9. five CFOs and CPOs discussed the contribution of procurement in the organization, data analytics and automation, and resilience, agility & diversity. 

The panelists are Wilbert Baerwaldt, Duni Group, Sweden, Frida Oddsdottir, Nordic Choice Hotels, Norway, Allan Jensen, ALK.net, Tanska, Christian Homén, Ahlsell, Finland and Yaron Nadbornik, Realia Group, Finland.

Tv host & journalist Peter Nyman and Basware’s Magnus Bergfors moderate the discussion.

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Nordic Leaders Circle 14.9.2021

Nordic Leaders Circle 8.10.2021

Transparency of processes, better predictability, sustainability requirements, social responsibility, environmental responsibility, supply chain security - how can the data generated and collected by financial management meet these business challenges today?

Experienced CFOs discussed these topics at the Nordic Leaders Circle Finland event on 8.10. Attendo's Henna Plit, Finnlines' Tom Pippingsköld, Kemira's Petri Castren and Pohjolan Voima's Minna Laakso shared what they thought planning, decision-making and management required of financial management in the post-pandemic period.

The discussion is moderated by tv host & journalist Peter Nyman and Basware's Jari Paananen.

This recording is in Finnish.

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Nordic Leaders Circle 8.10.2021

Nordic Leaders Circle 25.11.2021

The Nordic Leaders Circle culminated in two panel discussions at Smart Supply Chain & Procurement in 2021.

Experienced procurement professionals Ville Halonen, CPO, Fortum, Morten Brask, Group Supply Chain & Procurement, ISS World Services and Marko Väisänen, CPO, Eltel Networks together with Basware's expert Tuula Tuononen discussed about agile operating model, digitalization, proactive way of working and cooperation with different stakeholders.

Markku Koponen, Sourcing Director, Peikko Group, Jessica Nordlinder, CPO & Vice President Global Procurement, Essity and Yaron Nadbornik, VP and Group CPO, Realia Group, discussed with Tuula about changing role of procurement. It was agreed that the procurement organization is an increasingly important strategic partner for other parts of the company which also increases the importance of transparency. The procurement organization cooperates increasingly with supply chain management and sales, and brings value to business.

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Nordic Leaders Circle 25.11.2021


Nordic Leaders Circle 25.11.2021


Dr. Ayesha Khanna is Co-Founder and CEO of ADDO AI, an artificial intelligence (AI) solutions firm and incubator. She has been a strategic advisor on artificial intelligence, smart cities and fintech to leading corporations and governments around the world.


Katarina Paasi is Vice President of Sales & Marketing Operations and Development at Basware. She leads a global team focused on growth, efficiency and enhancing customer experience. She is experienced in defining and executing sales strategies and driving sales productivity, performance and professional development in global sales organization.


Jari has over 20 years of experience in IT software, service implementation projects, solution consulting, presales and commercial activities with clients. Half of that time he has been operating in business consulting, financial reporting, data management, business process development and performance measuring against different KPI’s mainly in P2P Cloud business domain. Last 2 years Jari has been working in Basware Products organization being responsible of Basware services and offering in Nordic and APAC markets.


Sanna Eklund is a Global Product Marketing Manager at Basware. In this role she is responsible for product marketing with focus on Basware Analytics and Supplier Management offerings. Sanna has been working over 20 years in various technology and consumer marketing positions developing and executing marketing activities to successfully take new solutions to the market.


Sami Nikula is Director of Network Solutions at Basware. In this role he is responsible for Basware Network product management, e-invoicing and e-orders and also network expansions to new countries. Sami has been working over 20 years with e-invoicing in various global positions in sales & marketing and product management.


Niclas has over 35 years if experience in IT software digitizing financial processes including efficient purchase and has been working with organizations spreading from small local to large global businesses. In Basware he is a Senior Business Advisor in the Presale team working tightly with Sales in order to explain the true value and benefits of our solutions to customer and prospects.


Jussi is Vice President of Offering Management at Basware. He has over two decades of experience in enterprise agile product development and network business. First in the telecom sector, and more recently in P2P. He brings a customer first approach to our product development as fundamentally it is all about the customer experience.


Perttu Nihti is Chief Product Officer at Basware. A highly analytical and detail-oriented product strategist, Perttu directs the Basware product portfolio with a customer-oriented approach. Leading his department in an entrepreneurial fashion, he encourages his team to look beyond the obvious and creatively evaluate all technology options, always pushing for the most innovative, customer-focused solution.


Sami Peltonen is VP of P2P Product Management. Sami boasts more than two decades developing and delivering solutions that streamline procurement and finance professionals’ daily lives, enabling them to achieve greater efficiencies within their organisations. Sami currently leads Basware’s P2P Roadmap and Product strategy.


Robert Warming has a finance background and has for the last 15 years been working in the software industry. Main focus to help companies optimizing processes by implementing ERP and Business Intelligence solutions. For the last two years Robert has been working with sales and advisory as a part of the Nordic Presales organization.


Olav Maas is Director AP Automation at Basware. In his role he is responsible for AP Automation product management. Olav has been working over 10 years automatic invoice processing tools in various global positions. With his financial background he is always looking for ways to automate the deviation.


Tuula Tuononen is Customer Insights Director at Basware. She’s globally responsible for gathering market intelligence, insights about market development, and input and ideas from Basware’s existing customers. In her role she actively engages with the customers to gain insights on customer problems and how Basware can best address them by developing our services. Tuula has a background in Procurement, having years of experience in category management, setting up procurement policies and processes as well as leading procurement teams in multi-national organizations.


Magician Joni Pakanen is the "performer of the year in 2019" -title winner in Finland. He has entertained social media followers with his LIVE concept filmed in the studio, where magic, visuals and a world of sound take the viewer into an interesting world.