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Win Big by Starting with High-Value, Low-Risk Procurement Applications - 3rd December 2020


Win Big by Starting with High-Value, Low-Risk Procurement Applications

Start small and deploy best-of-breed modules for quick ROI.



09-10 AM EST / 15-16 CET / 16-17 EET

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The Case for Accounts Payable Invoice Automation

Gartner’s new report, “Strategic Planning: Assessing the Risk and Value of Procurement Applications”, states that global economic uncertainty caused by COVID-19 is forcing application leaders to rethink their future investment strategies.

Given that no vendor can provide a highly integrated, deeply functional, end-to-end solution and that large suites carry slow time to value, it may make sense for application leaders to start small and deploy best-of-breed modules that deliver a quick return on investment (ROI). For instance, contract lifecycle management and accounts payable invoice automation (APIA).

Build momentum for future projects and drive immediate ROI

APIA touches many finance and treasury processes. These areas have specific needs and therefore specific vendors that focus on the needs of those processes. These specific vendors often outperform source-to-pay (S2P) suites with a more upstream orientation.

APIA projects can be completed in under six months and drive a large ROI due to high levels of document automation and error reduction. A good example is the automated capture of invoices via emailed PDFs to an email address versus a person scanning a paper invoice. This eliminates the need for site-specific activity and reduces business risk during events such as COVID-19, when personnel may not have access to the mailroom to collect paper invoices.

So how does this work in practice?

Join Gartner analyst Micky Keck and Basware VP of P2P Product Management Sami Peltonen on Thursday 3rd December 2020 at 9 am EST / 15:00 CET / 16:00 EET as they address topics such as:

  • How you can achieve quick wins with investments that provide an immediate return.
  • How starting small makes the onboarding process easier.
  • Why training each user group based on how they are involved improves adoption
  • How to approach each stakeholder’s and user group’s unique challenges

Get a head start and download the whole Gartner report now.


See why Gartner proposes a multivendor strategy and suggest focusing on APIA.