Would you like to get rid of all paper invoices in your organizations - and all of the errors, inefficiencies, and costs that come along with them?

The benefits of e-invoicing are compelling. Accounts Payable (AP) departments that implement e-invoicing realize dramatic savings, increased financial visibility, and greater control of cash flow and working capital. They achieve greater efficiencies, enabling them to reduce administrative costs by up to 90%.

With Basware E-Invoicing:

  • No matter how large or small, your organization can quickly realize the benefits of world-class e-invoicing practices
  • You can receive 100% of your invoices as e-invoices right away
  • It’s equipped to handle the most complex requirements, yet is extremely easy to use
  • It offers your suppliers a range of options for sending e-invoices You don’t have to change any systems or processes — let us handle the details
  • Delivery of every invoice is secure and guaranteed
  • We will activate your suppliers for you
  • It’s based on insights and best practices from our work with millions of transactions worldwide
  • It’s backed by the Basware Network so you can receive e-invoices around the world — quickly, easily and cost effectively


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