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Please select how you wish to invoice us from the options below.

All supporting documentation including user guides and FAQs are listed at the bottom of the page. 
Please review these documents before sending e-invoices.


Interconnect Invoice Sending

• Connect with your existing service provider for e-invoicing
• Choose your operator from our partner list.
• Find the right solution for your company.
• Contact us and our Advisor will get back to you.

Select Interconnect Invoice Sending

PDF e-Invoice

• Send your invoices as an email attachment
• Easy to use and free of charge
• View and track your invoices online
• Watch: Basware PDF e-invoice – how it works

Select PDF e-Invoice

Invoice Key-In

• Key your invoice data online
• Free of charge service
• View and track your invoices online

Select Invoice Key-In

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About Basware

As the global leader in providing purchase-to-pay and e-invoicing solutions in the world of commerce, Basware empowers companies to unlock value across their financial operations. With Basware, small businesses to corporate giants across all industries can simplify and streamline key financial processes to strengthen control, reduce costs and gain proactive insight into cash flows, as well as improve buyer-supplier relationships.