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It’s time to put NBCU back in the spotlight.
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  • see the bigger picture

Forrester recently conducted a Total Economic Impact™️ (TEI) study to calculate the potential ROI when using Basware's AP solution.

Based on the results obtained, over a 3 year period, NBCU could achieve a 315% ROI, while also achieving a 40% productivity gain from your current AP solution.

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  • Fast Track Process

Think of your data as the foundation of your future and the core element running your AP show. The more automated your AP solution, the more data you collect, the easier it is to increase your data quality and use it to enhance processes.

Greater control of cash flow and working capital achieves greater efficiencies: it reduces admin costs by ≤90%; invoice costs by 60%; improves cash flow management; keeps track of what’s been paid; and meets your customers’ e-invoicing requirements.

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  • knowledge is power

When you're struggling with process hindrances like slow invoice delivery, inaccurate data and late payments, it can make your job feel like a finance horror series.

Left, right and center, automated e-invoicing will save you money, time and effort. Research in the US has shown that sending e-invoices can reduce administrative costs by ≤90%. 

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Take the opportunity to consider where your business currently stands and what sort of strategic plan you want to pursue. 

Help sustain operations and ensure future success by being creative with your typical business processes. Integrate smart technologies that eliminate human touch-points, bolster global compliance, and encourage a singular, standard process across the entire organization.

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