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We think the finance team are the real stars of the NBCU show. It’s time to put you in the spotlight with some A-List P2P software.


  • Give your invoices
  • the star treatment

Inaccurate data, slow invoice delivery, late payments. If this doesn’t sound like the description for the next leading horror series, we don’t know what does. But fortunately, these process hindrances can all be addressed thanks to a single technology: e-invoicing. Electronic invoicing (or e-invoicing) brings some stellar benefits to center stage.

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Empowered with enhanced data quality and faster processes, NBCU can streamline invoice matching and workflows to steal the show of overall P2P processing. Think of your data as the foundation for your future and the core element that runs your P2P show. The more automated your purchase-to-pay solutions are, the more data you collect, and the easier it is to increase your data quality and use it to enhance processes.

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SPEAK TO SARAH. your NBCU global account manager.

It’s time to celebrate the teams that are the foundation of the entertainment and excitement we all know you for. Without the finance team, there wouldn’t be the things we love. Let’s talk about how finance teams - at NBCU and elsewhere - are using Basware to simplify their operations and spend smarter.

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  • Put risk management
  • center stage

Avoid the drama of business disruption and supply chain risk. Especially during times where it feels like worldwide commerce has been interrupted, getting a firm grip on global compliance, eliminating human touchpoints in your processes, and developing a singular standard across your organization may just be the three things that keep your business flowing.

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  • see the full picture

Visibility across your operations shouldn’t resemble a hit mystery film plot line. It should be straightforward, not filled with unknowns. With 100% visibility, NBCU can gather the insight, foresight, and hindsight needed to make better decisions, get real time visibility into invoice statuses, and control cashflow more effectively.

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