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 AP Automation: Ensuring AP Continuity Amid Crisis 

AP Automation: Mitigating Risk in Turbulent Times.

In our world of constant change, it’s impossible for your Accounts Payable department to plan for every possibility. But, there are steps your organization can take to ensure that your operations continue amidst factors outside your control, such as: economic instability, mergers & acquisitions, resource shortages, epidemics, etc.

This group webinar dives into the ways that creating structure processes in Accounts Payable creates stability, reduces risk and ensures business continuity throughout the entire Procure to Pay process.

Topics will include:

  • The disruption inevitably caused by manual AP processes
  • Approval workflows you can implement to ensure users can give approval anytime, anywhere
  • Ways your processes may be straining vendor relationships, and what you can do about it
  • Inherent risks of paper invoices, including lost information, data inaccuracies, wasted time and resources to process
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