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As a valued Basware customer, you have a wealth of actionable spend and process data available at your fingertips. This data is available to pull into any of your reports via Basware Analytics, and is included in your subscription.

Basware Analytics is your data visualization tool, giving you powerful insights into 100% of your financial data - prioritizing opportunities for process improvement, savings and growth. Your all-in-one analytics solution is fully integrated, providing out-of-the-box dashboards, prescriptive and predictive analytics, as well as self-service reporting.

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Basware Analytics Can Help You

Improve Processes


Uncover hidden actions and confidently make decisions

Accurately Forecast


Analyze trends across spend, invoice cycles and payments

Identify Savings


Identify savings potential and new opportunities to cut costs

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Automate your reporting in just a few clicks

Historically, creating reports required a painstaking amount of copying and pasting from multiple sources and often with offline data that needed to be refreshed manually every time a new report was needed.

Basware Analytics enables you to create reports which automatically update each day, reducing workload and the risk of manual errors - allowing you to focus your time on insights.

Increase your invoice automation rate today

To optimize your Procure-to-Pay process effectively, your procurement and finance departments need to collaborate. Basware Analytics, which is included in your subscription, can support this collaboration.

Your dashboards are designed to address the specific needs of different functions and to make collaboration easier through increased visibility, cross-functional information, and shared KPIs.

Video 1: Find out which of your suppliers are sending the most paper invoices

Video 2: View the suppliers with whom you have the highest non-PO spend

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